Summer Health Challenge!


I wanted to apologize for being so absent this past year. I just finished a super intense 1 year program at Loyola Marymount University in order to get all the requirements I need for medical school and now I’m done!!! ūüôā

However, I still have about a month and a half until my MCAT test so now its time to buckle down and self study. In an attempt to keep myself motivated and on track I am lining up my study schedule with a summertime fitness challenge and I invite all of you to join me! (on the fitness part, I don’t expect any of you will want to spend 6+ hours a day studying with me too! LOL)

My goal is to drop a few pounds, tone up my body and most of all EAT HEALTHY! So starting today I will be on a new journey and hope to be posting new healthy recipes on here more often too!

Todays Breakfast:

2 Eggs / Soy Chorizo (Trader Joe’s) / Vegetarian Non-Fat Refried Beans (Sprouts) / Garlic Salt / Crushed Red Pepper / Trader Joe’s Sriracha¬†BBQ Sauce

This is a go to breakfast for me because it is so quick, easy and delicious!

First cook your chorizo (if ¬†you haven’t already)

–>Chorizo can be hard to tell when it’s really done. To air on the side of caution I tend to let it crisp up and cook¬†on medium heat.

Cook your eggs however you’d like. Lately I’ve been frying mine in a little olive oil spray and I season with crushed red pepper and garlic salt. I’ve been really into a runny yolk lately, but if you’re into scrambled eggs, then scramble away my friend.

ASSEMBLE!¬†on a microwave safe plate add about 1/2 cup of refried beans and microwave until hot, then top with chorizo, eggs, and any extra seasonings you desire. I just discovered this incredible sauce and I’m loving it!
IMG_2614¬†I will be honest, this isn’t the most beautiful looking plate of food, but I will guarantee that it is delicious and healthy! Don’t believe me? Here are the nutrition facts below:

INGREDIENT           CALORIES          PROTEIN          CARBS          FAT          SUGAR

Eggs (2)                        144                    12g                   0.8g             9.6g              0.4g

Beans  (1/2 cup)           110                     6g                    18g              2g                1g

Chorizo (1/4 cup)          135                    9.3g                  7.6g            8.5g              0.8g

TOTALS                        389                    27g                   26g             20.1g            2.2g

This breakfast is great for high protein and low carb/sugar diets (which is what i find the most effective)