Greens, Eggs, and Ham

Lately all I’ve wanted to eat have been eggs and bacon. Which is totally acceptable, and approved on all gluten free and slow carb diets (which is currently in progress on my end) But I’ve been trying to find ways to implement more greens in my diet. So I’ve adopted kale, like many Californian’s I have fallen in love with this new and hotly debated green. I love frying it because it crisps up like a chip and when seasoned right it might as well be! So here is my latest concoction:

green eggs and ham

Step 1: BACON (Ham)

Cook bacon on the stove, as much or as little as you would like, but when you’re done keep the grease in the pan!

Step 2: KALE (Greens)

Drop some fresh kale into the hot bacon grease and let it cook up nice and crisp. Takes about 5 minutes. I like to ass fresh cracked pepper to this, but no salt, because bacon is salty on its own.

Step 3: EGGS (Eggs)

Fry and egg (or two) in the left over bacon grease/kale residue salt and pepper to taste.


Layer kale, bacon and eggs on top and enjoy! Grown up Green eggs and ham 🙂