Day 17 – Strawberry Santas

This is the cutest, easiest dessert you can bring to your holiday party this year. It requires only two ingredients but there is an optional third and it is probably one of the tastiest desserts out there too!



Strawberries / canned whipped cream / (optional) melted chocolate


Wash and clean your strawberries

Cut the ends off your strawberries (the pointy part, about a third of the strawberry)

Place your bigger ends of the strawberries on a sheet or tray that you wish to serve them on, fattest side down.

Add whipped cream to the “middle” of the strawberries. The side facing up on your tray.

Top the whipped cream with the ends of the strawberries that you previously cut off. They are hats!

–> OPTIONAL: use a toothpick and melted chocolate to make little eyes