Day 11 – Leftovers! Ross Geller’s Turkey Sandwich

So if you are like my family, you have all seen the TV show Friends, and if you’re like one of my little brothers then you’ve seen friends so many times you can quote pretty much every episode. Well while watching Friends I came across an episode that gave me a brilliant idea. In one of the many Thanksgiving episodes, a now infamous, recipe was discussed and here is my interpretation of it.

This is the Cooking Literalea’s version of the famous Ross Geller leftover Turkey Sandwich with a moist maker and everything!


Leftover turkey / 3 slices of bread / cranberry or lingonberry sauce / lettuce / gravy


Take one of your slices of bread and soak it in gravy, think like you would coat a piece of bread in egg yolk when you’re making French Toast.

Construct your sandwich with lingonberry or cranberry on each piece of dry bread then place lettuce and turkey and the gravy soaked piece of bread in the middle. Ideally your sandwich will read as follows: bread, cranberry/lingonberry sauce, lettuce, turkey, moist maker, turkey, lettuce, cranberry/lingonberry sauce, bread. Magic.

Now after you make this you’ll understand why and potentially have the same reaction as Ross: